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The daunting problem of solving issues that most people don’t see or are not aware of until they are uncomforatable…….

FETS is a Mechanical Engineering and Electrical Engineering firm serving Northern Idaho and Eastern Washington.

We also have partnering relationships with Architectural, and Data Consultants which you will find information on our team in this web site.


Our philosophies consider the physical infrastructure of any building or series of buildings as a significant investment-not only in dollars, but time and thought.  We support all facets of those investments and will give proper care.  We will assist to restore operations, verifying original intent.

In the facilities world much of the system knowledge has left with "baby-boomers" retiring, or there were changes in operating personnel  or compromises in design leaving the program in chaos.  It is the commitment of FETS to unravel the mysteries and provide current resources to solve current problems.



What we work on:

  • Mechanical and Electrical Systems Design for all types of buildings.

  • Utilities systems for support of buildings

  • District Energy-Steam, Chilled Water, Electrical, Controls-Internet-Data.

  • Metering for Water, Chilled water, Steam, electrical

  • HVAC systems for buildings and high tech

  • Laboratories, Clean-rooms 

  • Process cooling and related subsystems for data and other processes.

  • Refrigeration

  • Building and system assessment

  • Maintenance programs-CMMS

Laboratories and Clean Rooms
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We have the skills to make your technology project work. This is the highly successful class 1000 micro fabrication clean room at WSU.  Features of this design were hollow common walls used for low air return,  suspended wall structures to enable cleaning by damp moping, gridded HEPA supply diffusers for full laminar air distribution.  Ionization grid to polarize dust for better housekeeping.  Ultra-pure specialty gas piping systems for gas, air, vacuum, nitrogen, 




District Cooling and Steam Heating systems are our specialty.  We have extensive experience in designing,  building, operating and maintaining one of the largest district heating and cooling plants in the country and one of the most successful. 


System specifics:

• Distributed chiller plants with integrated controls and metering

• 14,000 ton central chiller plant with thermal storage

• Off peak process cooling generation with cooling towers

•System efficiencies- 0.5-0.6 KW/ton

Air handler coil designs-20 degree plus delta T

Central Steam Plant Design and Operation 



We have extensive background in designing and operating research grade greenhouse facilities.  This includes the support systems, controls, special irrigation and heating and cooling.  

We have experience in cold storage, environmental chambers, and bio-safety facilites-BSL1-3.  as well as the ancillary devices that go with them like sterilizers, glassware washers and other forms of decontamination systems.


We know the requirements of AAALAC, CDC as they relate to animal and laboratory research.

Covid-19  Design Support and Analysis

2949 Clyde Road

Moscow, Idaho 83843

Tel: 208 310 1407

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Logo 2.png

FETS is skilled at analysis of ventilation systems to combat Covid-19 in the workplace environment .  We work with healthcare, laboratories, institutions, K-12, and private business.  We provide leadership in decision making for each business faced with the challenges of conducting business in these uncertain times.

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