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WSU Well #8

Well repairs are a pretty big deal for municipalities.  Failures are nightmares as everyone being served is affected by the lack of service.  When the problem is repetitive as was the case in Well #8 getting to the crux of the issue is huge.  In this case the problems were multifaceted.  There was concern the well was not straight, that the pump was assembled poorly and the sand intrusion was causing premature wear and failure.  In this case adequate research was the key.  We employed a wireline service company to determine straightness, we did adequate research into the factory requirements for proper pump assembly and we found a contractor with the capabilities to properly "develop" the well-causing the aggregates to become properly graded in the well screens-eliminating the problem of fines in the pump-causing premature wear.  It was important to research the requirements and not make decisions based on hearsay or tradition so that the pump will service the water district for years to come.


Lind Research Station Water System Renewal

At Lind Dry Land Research unit we provided project design and documents for replacing all of the municipal water piping, upgrade the distribution pumps and controls, replace expansion tanks modernize the con

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