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Steven Potratz-Specific Project Activity

The following outline demonstrates the scope and number of projects that have been my responsibility. In any given year I have been responsible for an aggregate 2 million plus dollars of construction work or more. 


Analysis Of Central Chiller Plant Operational Difficulties

Cooling Tower Renovations

Telephone Switch Room Cooling Systems

Cooling System Renovation for Mainframe Computer at Information Tech.


Installation Of 1000 Ton Chiller and Tower At The Central Chiller Plant

Planning and Design Development of 2 Million Gallon Chilled Water Storage Facility


Bustad Hall BL3 Facility Remodel                                                      $50,000

Wood Technology Lab Dust Collection, Ventilation                           $200,000

Albrook Fluids Lab New Chiller                                                          $80,000

Chilled Water Plant New Distribution Pump and VFDS                      $300,000

Vet Hospital Cat Scan Cooling System                                              $60,000


Nursing Center New Boiler Plant                                                        $160,000

Fire Station Truck Bay Exhaust System                                              $80,000


Central Chilled Water Storage Facility Completion                             $3 Million


Steffen Center Green House Project                                                  $469,000


1000 Ton Chiller Replacement                                                           $285,000

Fish Challenge Facility                                                                        $60,000

Manure Storage and Processing Facility                                            $50,000

Vibration Free Building Process Cooling                                            $150,000


Dana Hall Micro Scope Lab                                                                $25,000

Murrow Com. WHETS Classroom Cooling                                          $60,000


Wegner Hall Tissue Culture Lab                                                         $350,000


Golf Course Irrigation System Remodel                                             $500,000


Prosser Crop Drying Facility                                                               $100,000

Chemistry Building Vane Axial Fan Replacement                              $150,000

Daggy Hall Chilled water connections (emergency repair)               $150,000


North Campus Chilled water expansion project                                 $400,000

Child Care Center Cooling System remodel                                       $150,000


Prosser Campus Chiller and Boiler Replacement                              $365,000

Eastlick Hall Growth Chamber Replacement                                     $800,000

Compton Union Building 3rd Floor Cooling                                        $300,000

French Administration Chiller Renovation                                           $150,000

Chilled Water Storage Facility (Emergency Repairs)                          $80,000

ICNE Indoor Air Quality Study

Knott Dairy Center.  Refrigerated Milk Tank Replacement                 $200,000


Library Chiller Addition                                                                       $300,000

Replacement 2000 Ton Chiller                                                            $600,000

Chiller Plant Expansion Pre-Design                                                    $7 Million

Power Plant Satellite Expansion Pre-Design                                       $5 Million

Power Plant CHP Pre Design                                                              $45 Million

Hamilton Hall Boiler And Chiller Replacement                                    $250,000

Steam Turbine Rebuild                                                                        $550,000

Tri-Cities Campus Irrigation Remodel                                                  $80,000


Greenhouse Replacement                                                                  $450,000

CASP Boiler Installation                                                                      $3.6 million

Misc. Chiller Projects  ESCO                                                              $200,000


Power plant RFP                                                                                 $35 million

Bustad 438B BSL-3 lab renovation                                                    $200,000

McCoy Large Animal Tread mill                                                         $150,000

Animal Science-Research magnet installation                                   $75,000

Regents Hall chilled water tie-in to Central system                            $75,000

Entomology greenhouse                                                                     $400,000


Wilson Hall Chilled Water System Overhaul                                       $180,000

ETRL Class 1000 Clean Room                                                            $650,000

Tri-Cities MOCVD Hazardous Disposal Project                                  $200,000

Clark Hall Perchloric Acid Hood Remediation                                    $60,000

Webster Process Cooling System Additions                                       $55,000

Steam Distribution Study                                                                     $80,000

Eastlick Hall BSL-3 tuberculosis lab renovation                                  $300,000

Wegner Hall Free Cooling system                                                        ESCO

Yakima Valley Farm Workers Dental Clinic                                          $50,000


Fulmer/DI plant renovation                                                                 $250,000

Kaulkus lab Puyallup, lab fume hood remodel/ht. recovery  ESCO $200,000

ETRL mold remediation                                                                      $110,000

Chemical storage facility heating system remodel                             $90,000

TriCities campus chiller replacement                                                 $200,000

Veterinary large animal BSL-2 system renovation                             $190,000

Microwave Sterilizer-food processing                                               $300,000

2008-09           Management of design staff $43 Million worth of in house design projects.

ESCO project for East Campus chilled water facility                         $11 Million

Renovation of the WSU DI water plant   $150,000

Firehouse -Truck exhaust extraction system   $50,000

McCluskey Services Building  Welding shop exhaust system and extractor

Ongoing Infrastructure/Utilities Planning, Facilities Engineering


50-year Master planning for Pullman Campus

Concept Development for Major Capital project submittal to the Legislature

5 Projects including CHP for College Ave Steam Plant, Two Utilities district development projects, Troy Hall Renovation

Building assessment program-110 Buildings-VFA

Service Contracts, Plant Engineering

Sanitary Sewer project with City of Pullman

Chairman-Palouse Basin Aquifer Committee

Waste Water Reclamation Project with Dept of Ecology and City of Pullman

Development and Management of Minor Capital Budget for WSU

Free Cooling Heat Exchanger for Central Chiller Plant-ESCO

New Chiller installation at East Plant–ESCO

Well and Storage Tank repairs

Everett Campus Building: committee and maintenance contract.

Water metering-ESCO

WSU Energy Program(including ESCO program-operations)

Elevator Service Program

WSU Service Contract Manager


Design for restroom remodels in Dana Hall, Todd Hall, McCluskey, Commons

Lab remodels Webster, Eastlick, Johnson

Boiler replacements: Tri-Cities, Spokane,

WSU Creamery Ice bank System

Replacement and upgrade of Well#8 pump and well development.

Plan reviews-Major and Minor Capital projects

Well #8 Replacement

WSU Student Health Nurses Station

Encounter Ministries-Facility Remodel-HVAC-Plumbing


Boiler replacement projects - 5 buildings North Idaho College-Idaho DPW-Womer

Gritman Medical center.  Patient room COVID-19 ventilation upgrades

Gritman Medical Center Fan systems replacement

Gritman Medical Center Emergency room ventilation system renovations

Gritman Medical Center-emergency boiler repairs

Federal Building boiler and stack renovation

WSU Prosser-Greenhouse upgrades

WSU Prosser-3 laboratory renovations

WSU Well #7 Renovation

WSU Well #6 Renovation

Keller Wa  Municipal water system upgrades

Nisqually Tribe Emergency Operations Center-Olympia

Colville Tribe-Wellness Center

Moscow School District-Boiler operations upgrades-combustion air-soften water and treatment

Knott Dairy-WSU upgrade water systems, pump house ventilation

Research and Technology Park-ventilation and air conditioning upgrades

Waste Oil Recovery program


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