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About us

We have significant experience in design, operations and project management of large and sophisticated systems.  We have the unique background of performing our engineering efforts while also being employed by the owner of the organization-so we had to live with the results of our design work.  We worked side by side with the maintenance and operations staff.  We have a combined 57years of experience in our trades.  There are very few systems we have not been a part of in the mechanical and electrical engineering fields.   We offer our unique backgrounds as a benefit to you the facility owner/manager for solving problems and developing solutions where the expertise is hard to come by.  Our time being plan reviewers and owners representatives to new construction on major facilities has the benefit of working through the issues associated with many of the latest HVAC, electrical system concepts-like VRF, chilled beams, lighting and occupancy control, metering and others.  We look forward to working with you on your next project.

Our Team.

Steven Potratz, PE

President-Owner FETS-PLLC

Mechanical Engineer

Tel: 208 310 1407

Donald Blackketter, PHD, PE

Mechanical Engineer


Tel: 509 596 1650

Craig Beaumont, AIA


Tel: (509) 432 6652

David Kimbrel, P.E.

Electrical Engineer

Kimbrel Consulting Services, LLC

100W A St. Troy, Idaho 83843

208 874 3357


Vince Lipari

Technical Services Consultant

Contact Information:

Phone: 310 418 8105


Gregg Creighton, RA, NCARB, ICC


Contact Information:

Phone: 503 348 8843


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greg pic.jpg
Larry Johnson (F)PE, CFPS

Fire Protection Engineer

Tel: (509) 701 2495

Scott Creighton (F)PE

Fire Protection Engineer

Creighton Engineers, LLC

509 991 31680


Alfred D. Sanchez III, PE SE

Structural Engineer

Contact Information:

Phone: 505 604 9692


Nicolas Clyde, EIT

Associate Engineer in Training

Contact Information:

Phone: 208 669 1961


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