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Steven Potratz, PE


Hi, I am Steve Potratz.  I have been in the mechanical consulting and facility management business for 40 years.  I love my work as it is gratifying to make things work that didn't before.  I have been intrigued with mechanical stuff since I was little and my father gave me a typewriter to take apart and figure out how it worked.  I found satisfaction working in the HVAC industry, contracting and facilities management.  With a major university as a playground I have been able to refine my craft and have built some fine district utilities and mechanical systems.  I am  taking that experience to the public sector and working to improve the rest of the facilities in the Northwest that I call home.   Many systems need an advocate to make them work well again,  and I find many opportunities to provide that expertise-where in-house knowledge has left and operational problems remain.  We can solve these problems together and regain a good footing again.  With solid operations as a platform we'll move towards a more wholistic  planning effort to improve the facilities.

At FETS We also provide services for new construction or remodeling.  My experience is significant in most systems.  Under the projects tab you will find a portfolio of my projects over the last 37 years for evidence of my experience.  

At FETS we also perform building and system assessments.  This work will give your organization the tools to make capital funding decisions.  When funds are limited it is difficult to make the choice where to spend and not just listen to the loudest voice at the moment-a system portfolio will help tell the story to stakeholders.  Look through the bios of our various teem members and you will see we are ready to tackle your project.

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